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          " No stress for you, we do your business plan for you for only $485.00 complete!" " We challenge you to compare our $485.00 business plans with plans costing $ 500.00, $ 1000.00 or more!" " All you do is complete and return to us our easy to follow questionnaire with simple examples and simple fill-in-the-blanks, we'll generate your lender-ready 20-25 page professional business plan, totally proof-read and quickly send it to you!" "Of course, we also do 100 and 200 page plans for companies worth tens of millions of dollars!"          
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BusinessPlans.com has simplified the entire process for you. It isn't necessary for you to choose among a complicated confusing list of prior plans, styles and formats for completing your business plan. Our style and format is very professional and flexible to accomodate any size business or complexity. You will be able to edit and reduce or enlarge the final result with ease and peace of mind.
Any questions, simply call us or email us.

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Patents Pretty In Print - Nicole Miller 317-507-7596
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For expert tax help contact Guardian Tax Resolutions
to guide you to a bright financial future.

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Discover time clocks and management systems that can reduce payroll costs for all businesses at Allied Time.

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Whiplash claims have never been easier to make. Contact us, Today!


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The most active and expert lenders qualify for the SBA's streamlined lending programs. Under these programs, lenders are delegated partial or full authority to approve loans, which results in faster service from SBA.

Certified lenders are those who have been heavily involved in regular SBA loan-guaranty processing and have met certain other criteria. They receive a partial delegation of authority and are given a three-day turnaround by the SBA on their applications (they may also use regular SBA loan processing). Certified lenders account for nearly a third of all SBA business loan guaranties. Preferred lenders are chosen from among the SBA's best lenders and enjoy full delegation of lending authority in exchange for a lower rate of guaranty. This lending authority must be renewed at least every two years, and the lender's portfolio is examined by the SBA periodically. Preferred loans account for more than 10 percent of SBA loans.


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