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Plan Examples: Description Of What Your Plan Will Include And How It Will Look.

Your plan will first contain a cover sheet with the name, address and phone numbers of your company in centered bold text. Your plan will then lead to a Confidentiality Agreement to assist in protecting your privacy for your company's particulars. Your plan will be approximately 25 pages long and include text pages as well as spreadsheet pages. Most of your plan will be made up of standard text with your company's particulars worked in to make your business plan individual for you. There will be bold faced headings on each of the topics that separate the different paragraphs of your business plan. Your plan will also contain a table of contents that will be user friendly for you, your readers of the plan and potential lenders. The table of contents will provide an easy guide to locating the most important sections. Your plan will be available as a word file for your easy editing. Please click on links and view below:

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Please see a sample of part of an Executive Summary and part of our Questionnaire and sample Testimonial.


                      Executive Summary Sample


There is an opportunity in Pleasant, USA to expand a successful investment company handling property, currency and commodity investments. John Smith and Thomas Jones recognize this opportunity and have decided to go forward with the expansion of the company that they have named ABC Investments, Inc. The company will penetrate the market in the business of buying real estate lease options, real estate rentals, “flipping” real estate for profit, land development, commercial development and office development. The company will also penetrate the commodities and securities markets. They also recognize the opportunities for currency investments. ABC Investments, Inc. will serve its area of business working to make its lines more productive while at the same time controlling expenses. The money required getting the company organized has been provided by the founders. To make this company expansion a reality, there will be an amount needed of $10,000,000.00. The founders will be investing $200,000.00, leaving a balance of $9,800,000.00, which will come as a loan. The $10,000,000.00 is the complete amount needed to expand and further operate this business. The money will be allocated to take care of all the requirements, including: $8,330,000.00 for acquiring national and international real estate by means of REO foreclosures and property management buyouts; and $1,670,000.00 for working capital and miscellaneous expenses. This business plan will show the components that make up and accomplish this exciting business venture.


Our business is based on two vital components:


1. Excellent management that has a mastery of choosing the right product and the right service at the right time with a mastery of knowing what their total market is and how to keep gaining a greater share of that market.


2. Providing an excellent product or service that is not only well accepted now but also whose acceptance and use will continue to grow at an accelerated rate into the future.


At ABC Investments, Inc. we coordinate worker productivity with increasing market demand to ensure continued company growth and development. Our approach emphasizes the individual participation of every employee and member of our organization and the total process of building the company to acquire an ever-increasing market share. By guiding and helping our employees with the knowledge and awareness we build a solid foundation for achieving our most ambitious goals. ABC Investments, Inc. realizes that this is an ideal time to expand our business in this expanding industry and move forward in a steady progression over the next five years.  Some of the highlights of our strategy are here briefly summarized:


      Our talent and experience is superior for the marketplace.

      Profitability is assured by our preparation of knowing what the market requirements are presently and what they are to be in the next several years.

      With our strategy and budget in place, sales are expected to multiply rapidly and we expect to move in on the leaders in this industry.


                      Questionnaire Sample


            Complete! Our Company is also particularly proud of the fact that:

             17b. - [_________________________________________________________]              

                    Example: We have a 100% customer Satisfaction Guarantee or We

                                          can paint an average size home completely in three days

Complete! The founders of the Company will be investing.

 18. - [___________________________________________________________]

        Example: all of the money at the beginning…. or 25% of the start-up

                          costs… or all of the equipment and inventory… or …….

 Complete! Our total amount needed for our business:


 19. - $ [__________________________________________________________]

        Example: 30,000.00 or 50,000.00.


Complete! After the owners’ portion, what is the balance needed?

  20. - [______________________________]

       Example: Investors 50% of 30,000.00 = 15,000.00 Balance Needed  


            Complete! Money received including owner’s portion will be allocated as follows.

 21. - [____________________________________________________________]

       Example: 10,000.00 equipment; 10,000.00. Leased premises; 10,000.00,

                          Miscellaneous operating expenses


            Complete!  The locations other than the primary location will be:

 22. - [____________________________________________________________]

        Example: Palm Beach, Fla. and Jacksonville, Fla…. or near downtown

                           and around the university…. or ……..

Complete!  Features of our core product (if applicable) are:

 23a. - [___________________________________________________________]

         Example: It is more durable and comes in designer colors or our

           Finished parts have a 99% customer satisfaction experience.

           Complete!  Strengths of our products (if applicable) are that our products: 

23b. - [__________________________________________________________]

         Example: don’t fade and stay shiny…or can be generated at our facility quickly 

           and are consistently of the highest quality…. or …….


               Several Actual Testimonials Of Hundreds Received

 "Thank you very much for your time. I am very pleased. I called over a month ago. I spoke to Alfredo about getting CB Healing Institute business plan done. I was very impressed with his knowledge and business sense. However, I went with a local person because I thought it would be easier for the company. I was MISTAKEN! I can see that the local company cannot compare to Alfredo and his team are very professional and easy to work with. They were able to walk me through my struggles and problems over the weekend. I am very grateful for such a warm and caring organization. I do feel like they are my neighbors. I feel very blessed to be working with someone like Alfredo and his team. I have three companies and they will have all my business. Plus, I will tell all my friends in Anchorage AK and the lower 48. They are at the top of their industry! Thank you very much You made CB Healing Institute a success with the business plan. Respectfully, Linda Dunegan"


        "Dear Alfredo,

        I read over my business plan several times now and I can't begin to say how pleased I am with the results!

        You did a spectacular job and the finished product was more than I ever expected.

        You employed a clever balance by retaining my work, in those instances where you deemed it appropriate,

        while the majority was professionally edited giving the necessary boost to the message I was trying to convey.

        I would, and will, recommend your service most highly to anyone seeking to have a professional business plan

        written in the future.

        You are welcomed to use this email for any potential clients who may ask for a testimonial from a satisfied customer.

        Thank you again for such a splendid job!

        Steve Lukasik 

        Decorative Concrete Concepts, LLC"










 Call today at 954-569-0142 if you have any questions of the make up of your plan or any other question or questions. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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